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 [info]Super Junior In Japan

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Hee Jin
Hee Jin

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[info]Super Junior In Japan Empty
PostSubject: [info]Super Junior In Japan   [info]Super Junior In Japan EmptyThu Jul 10, 2008 11:19 am

Fan Account:

They opened up with the song “Twins”. All of them were there, except for Kibum. Then they sang Miracle (?). After that, they all gathered together and introduced themselves in japanese~

Teuk: While glancing at his hands, he says something like they’ll work their hardest and then showing everyone how he cheated and grinning(?).

Heenim: “今日、ラーメンを食べて、涙が出ました! でも! おいしい! お。い。しい!” (Today, I ate ramen, tears came out! But! It’s Delicious!!)

Yesung: “OGENKI DESUKA?!” (

Siwon: *speaks some Japanese then consults the members* “Sakura? Sakura? … Douzo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu. (”Sakura” is probably the most popular japanese word.. Because.. I don’t know XD; Sakura is “Cherry Blossoms” while “Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu” is a way of saying “I am pleased to meet you”)

After singing a few songs, they played a video of SJT while the members got ready. After the vid, the SJT members came out to perform Rokkugo! in red outfits! After that, they talked about the meaning of the “T” in SJT and how it would be “enka” In japan. (Enka=Japanese ballad; could be the equivalent of trot{?})

They were asked about what makes them so cool, and Heechul went “Watashitachi wa SUBARASHII!” (”We are marvelous/awesome/great!”) , and since then it became the favorite word for the night, Hyukjae and Shindong saying “Subarashii” to one another.

KRY perforemed too. Don’t remember much from them, though they did sound good of course.

There were 12 questions prepared, one for each member. Heenim was asked how he’s so pretty, and he says that It’s because of parents his and he doesn’t do much (about taking care of his face, i think.. Like grooming, applying random stuffs, etc.) and Hyukjae protests and says “USO USO USO!” (LIE! LIE! LIE!) Heenim then told the audience that it’s also because he showers everyday and he said it in the Korean pronounciation. “슈워 (Shaweo), 슈워(Shaweo), シャワア! (Shawaa; japanese pronounciation)!” *makes hand motions of holding a shower head* “Mainichi shawaa abiite kudasai! (Take a shower everyday, please!)”

Sungming was now asked about his smile. Hyukjae tickled him from the side of his back.

When Kangin was talking, Yesung was pestering him and then Kangin tried to grab Yesung’s microphone. Yesung then got angry. All of a sudden, everyone started hitting and pestering Yesung, which made him stand up and run away!

Hyukjae was asked about when he started dancing, then he did a dance for everyone.

Teuk had everyone do the “Teukie Teukie” dance (derived from Eva’s dance from Full House). . Some Kangteuk can be seen there, too!

Ryeowook was asked on what he thought of Japanese girls, he answered, “…Kawaii(cute)… .. . Kawaii… Kirei desu. (pretty)” YEs, WOok,

Kyuhyun was asked about what he wanted to see in Japan, and he aswered, ” Watashi wa.. Fuji-san desu” Which is translated to “I am Mr. Fuji”, LOL Kyu you are TOO CUTE

They then showed a preview for the Japanese release of “Attack on the Pin-up Boys”.

Kibum appeared on a VTR, apologizing in korean, with japanese subs. he aswered some questions about what he wanted to do if he had been able to make it to Japan. He then started speaking in Japanese.

After that Q and A segment, they played games. One was that they had to decorate faces while blindfolded; Sungmin won.(?) (Donghae vs. Sungmin) During the preparations for that game, Yesung went behind the boards where there was a hole in the middle and started making faces ! (Aw CUTE

The next game was eating Mikan (orange). Hanchul were partners, where in Geng used his hands to peel the fruit while under a shirt thing and had to feed Heenim), and KyuTeuk as partners.

Everyone showed gifts they had prepared, and signed them (though Sungmin’s was a necklace, so he couldn’t sign it; he kept saying sorry; he made it himself!♥)

Through some kind of raffle, they gave away the 12 PRECIOUS GIFTS. One lucky girl got to get a picture with the members on the stage (2 members hugged her) and when she had to choose who she liked the most, she picked Donghae.. Though Siwon and the few others were showing signs of saying “PICK ME!” in front of her.. ~stylite says: ME TOO WiLL ABSOLUTELY PiCK Fishy oppa!!!!!

font size="3" color="green">hen as the members were drawing the winning ticket seats for their 12 gifts, Kangin was leading the crowd with some chants (eg. Say Leeteuk! Say Hey ho! Say heechul! “Itadakimasu” is actually said before eating meals. Then came Ryeowook’s turn to pull out a ticket for who will receive his PRECIOUS gift, he then shouted “ITADAKIMASU!” (OMG LOL, why are ess you could translate it as .. “Thank you for the food”, or “I’ll eat now”)

Then we celebrated both Teuk and Heenim’s birthdays with a cake. All of us sang Happy Birthday” in korean. Both of them had strawberries in their mouths, and they moved to face each other like they were going to touch each other’s strawberries (?), then the surrounding members pushed their head together so it looked like they kissed.

Heechul talked about his handsome-ness randomly, he said, “Boku wa ippai kakoii”

Sungmin then said at one point, In Japanese, “I think about you (the fans) everyday. So please think about me everyday.”

Kangin kept saying “Sou, Sou” when people spoke (Can be “yes” in english). Hyukjae repeatedly says “Uso, Uso! Subarashii” (LOL), next to “oishi( yummy)” , there’s also “arigato gozaimasu” (thank you).

Then they ended with “U”, korean version.

At the very end, all of us fans who had Pearl Sapphire Balloons, which were giveng uopn entry, let it go, and they thanked us.

source: superjunior community@LJ (i beliv tis is forum protected article...but since tis is wer the article came from so full credits goes to dem^^)
credits: ♥사 랑 해 요 ♥ @ AF + Stylite@imeem

Hee Chul oppa,really nice to see you happy...So now oppa can dance already?
Oppa,please show me your So Hot dance.You have promised to show it.

Eun Hyuk oppa?What with Uso Uso?????... deadfun Aren't there any more words.. laughinghard Oppa is so funny...

lol,Teukie oppa,Hee Chul guys already celebrate your old days together..... crazylaugh
Eat strawberies in each other mouth?.... what can u say?
Hahahahha.........oppas,what are you two doing...Han Kyung oppa will punish Teukie oppa......
and Kang In oppa will punish Hee Chul oppa after this.. deadfun
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[info]Super Junior In Japan Empty
PostSubject: Re: [info]Super Junior In Japan   [info]Super Junior In Japan EmptyThu Jul 10, 2008 11:47 am

wwoooooohhh.. that was really tearsofjoy cool~ a very warm welcome to suju oppas... evryone must have been really happy that night... those 12 fans are much luckier.. and that girl who got the chance to be asked who he likes in suju.. emoting wae hae oppa...

oppa... please palli come to the philippines~ :╥o╥
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[info]Super Junior In Japan Empty
PostSubject: Re: [info]Super Junior In Japan   [info]Super Junior In Japan EmptyThu Jul 10, 2008 2:43 pm

oww suju oppas come to Indonesia please~~~~~

it's okay if you can't speak it.....
i don't mind...~~


and kyuhyun oppa was soo cute... he said that he's Mt. Fuji!!! laughinghard

ahaha heechul oppa & teukie oppa!!
you almost kissed!!! deadfun
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Sunbae ELF
Sunbae ELF

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[info]Super Junior In Japan Empty
PostSubject: Re: [info]Super Junior In Japan   [info]Super Junior In Japan EmptyThu Jul 10, 2008 8:45 pm

omona!!!they are so laughinghard funny in that show.., ne hyukjae oppa subarashii!!
heechul oppa is not USO USO..haha
deadfun LOL~~
his really pretty ha..hhmmm..oppa kawaii!!
ahaha..i want 2 see
puppyeyes teukie teukie dance..
aww..yesung oppa..araseo!!!kangin oppa
is juz like dat..ahaha..
makingfun u started it.hehe..
don't get him wrong..awww!!
ne min oppa i think about u everyday..
wiggle all of u my suju oppas..
mikan is oishi...hehe...wookie oppa
filipinas are also
blushing kirei desu..kyu oppa
are u mr. fuji..haha..
crazylaugh LOL..
wats dat??
thinking hehe...diz july is teuk &
heenim oppa b-day..saengir
hehe my oppas..
mwuah!! awww u almost
grinevil kissed each
other..haha..kibum oppa.huhu...araseo!! u can go der
the other time..
:uhm: dey understand u oppa..
keep up ur good works..aja aja!!
omona the girl is so lucky
cry baby ...aww..
she choose fishie oppa..hehe..araseo
siwon oppa
pointing ...haha..sou sou oppas
douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu..

omona unnie.. bowing komayo 4 da share...
does it have any video of this..
w/ engsubs??
puppyeyes i really love to watch
diz..suju oppas are so funny...

even juz reading diz..i'm really bwahahahahalaughing
ahaha...LOL~~arigato gozaimaso unnie...
so good! oppas r doing good in japan
as always...aja aja oppas..
saranghae yungwunhee
expresslove ...hwaiting!!
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[info]Super Junior In Japan Empty
PostSubject: Re: [info]Super Junior In Japan   [info]Super Junior In Japan EmptyFri Jul 11, 2008 5:53 pm

i really really really wanna watch it!!!
haha.. i laughed when i read these
(just read,, i laughed,, how if i watch??? LOL laughinghard )

waa... i wanna sungmin's necklace..
it's ok if there's not your sign..
the important things is the necklace was yours fluttering
sungmin oppa.. you're thinking of me everyday? (i'm your fans too hehe..)
don't worry oppa,, i'm thinking of you all the day and night everyday fluttering

there's one girl take a picture with oppa??
how lucky she is!!

wow oppa now can speaks japanese too??
wow you're all wonderful!! wiggle

ahh saengil chukka hamnida teukie oppa and heechul oppa!!
saranghaeyo expresslove
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Super ELF
Super ELF

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[info]Super Junior In Japan Empty
PostSubject: Re: [info]Super Junior In Japan   [info]Super Junior In Japan EmptyFri Jul 11, 2008 11:02 pm

awww wer u der?
it sounds fun..wish i was der..
waaaaaaaa im soo jealous..
hahaha the girl picked donghae oppa..
if i was der il surely picked donghae as well..
of course i love him..ahahaha
heechul oppa ur lyin??ahhaahaha
i knw d only secret of his prettyness is takin a shower everyday..
nd dnt use too mch products in ur face..
jz use water nd normal soap..ahahaha
i really wish i was der..TT
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Jung Ji Jin
Jung Ji Jin

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[info]Super Junior In Japan Empty
PostSubject: Re: [info]Super Junior In Japan   [info]Super Junior In Japan EmptyWed Jul 16, 2008 5:26 pm

oh my god.. they crack me with "itadakimasu"

as well as fuji-san meaning "i am mount fuji"

ahahahaha.... nice try for everyone... gambatte kudasai'


hontou da suju wa, subarashii desu ne...


sou sou sou, kang in-kun?

suki da yo'... zutto.

let's meet in japan one of these days...

ill be waiting for you there...

ja matta ne'..
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[info]Super Junior In Japan Empty
PostSubject: Re: [info]Super Junior In Japan   [info]Super Junior In Japan Empty

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[info]Super Junior In Japan

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